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How to save anonymity of your work?

How to save anonymity of your work? Tips for webcams models

Personal life must be personal, so there should be no entrance for strangers. It’s like a curtain between real you and the fictitious one. In fact, almost all of us have their own «piquant secrets», but it’s usually easier to live when nobody knows about it except you. The same applies to webcam business. Below is a basic list of rules, following which you will be able to save complete anonymity and security by engaging in such a profitable business.

Rules (everyone should read especially beginners):

1. Do not talk!

This is the basic law for success in any area of life. Do you remember the proverb: «When three know it, all know it.» Ideally, it’s better that no one knows about this method how quickly to earn a lot of money, except you. And you can answer all curious people that you work as a freelancer at home through the Internet (you write texts, draw in Adobe Photoshop, administer websites, etc.). You can say that you work in network marketing — in this case, they will quickly leave you with further questions, so that you won’t «sell» them anything.

Do not tell your friends, even best friends what you are doing and how much you earn! If you really want to help a friend who is in a difficult financial situation — do it so that she will never guess who offered to work as a video chat model.

2. Block your country and any other countries at your will at the very beginning of the work.
All large webcam projects have a function to block users by country. Thus, the probability that one of your acquaintances will see you, reduces almost to zero.

3. Do not mention the name / country / city / where you studied / real age and other personal moments.
Well, after entering these data in the search, you can really find the person you are looking for.

4. You should delete photos, where there can be seen your face or distinctive features (for example, a tattoo or birthmark) from your profile photo and open access.
Do not post on the work sites the same photos as in social networks. Therefore, your virtual clients have no chance to find you in real life. And the search for your photo from the profile on the webcam site will not lead anywhere when searching Google for a picture.

5. During sessions, do not turn on local radio and television channels. Also, do not be on sites not related to work.
Since in any unexpectedly started advertisement, an address issuing your city or country may sound, and thus it will destroy the anonymity of your location.

6. Do not talk on the phone, Skype, if the sound (microphone) is not turn off on the site.
First, it is prohibited by the rules of webcam-sites. And secondly, distracted by the conversation, you can give personal information about yourself.

7. If for any reason you plan to communicate with clients besides the site, get a separate Skype/mail/ICQ.
Nowhere show these working contacts. Otherwise, if for example you put an advertisement somewhere (no matter what topic) and you specify these contacts, it will be easy to find it using Google search.

8. Use a VPN (virtual private network) to hide your location and encrypt traffic, or special software that acts as a proxy.
Of course, it is very unlikely that somebody is very interested in a model working at home. But for your own peace of mind you can use these hacker traps. Just remember that using a VPN or a proxy server will significantly slow down the data transfer rate, as they go much further.