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How to make an amazing erotic photo

How to make an amazing erotic photoThey have been admiring the captivating beauty of the female body since ancient times. This is evidenced by masterpieces of great poets and writers, composers, sculptors of antiquity, medieval artists. Modern art allows you to capture the beauty of a woman in a photo or video film.

The irresistible models on the covers of fashionable magazines fascinate with their ease, pretentious facial expressions or a soft smile, a piercing look or inviting detachment. Their ideal figures in seductive underwear or naked, lightly covered with a transparent cloth, delight the gaze of men, forcing them for a moment to forget about everything. It’s not surprising — they’re supermodels. Any girl would like at least once to be in their place and become an object of male attention. So what are we waiting for? If you know the basic rules of how to make an erotic photo, you can achieve an amazing result even in home photography.

Let’s start in order. To make a beautiful erotic photo, it is necessary to decide in advance who will conduct the photo session (professional photographer, best friend, it will be a SELF-photoset or perhaps the functionality of your camera allows using the delay function, when you make a serial shot a few seconds after pressing the button ).

The success of photography depends largely on the details. It is important to prepare in advance the props for the photo shoot (accessories, clothes, underwear) and a stylish entourage for the chosen genre (decorations, furniture, decor items). Properly selected lighting plays a huge role in obtaining quality photographs. You can get acquainted with the lighting options for taking photos here.

Choose a place to shoot

In their studios, professional photographers create five planes: a floor, a ceiling and three sides of the world, on the fourth side is a camera lens. To make the nude really beautiful, pay attention to the scenery and entourage, but the excessive diversity is also useless — nothing should overshadow the main character of the photo session. If there is nothing to create decorations, a laconic background can be made even by a sad wall and a bar stool on its background. Good photos are obtained at the window with a soft curtain of the finest tulle, organza, covering the window in whole or in part. Delicate romantic photos can be made on a carelessly thrown cut of satin, strewn with pearls or rose petals. In advance, think out the color range of the interior, outfits, make-up. Play with objects – a naked girl at the piano or with a saxophone in her hands looks very cool. The bedroom is another ideal place — fantasy itself will prompt plots, images and camera angles. Bed linen must be plain. The sex hostess in the kitchen is a favorite male fantasy, and the kitchen table is the main arena for improvisation. The bathroom is a place where amazing shots are obtained: captivating curves of a female body in soapy foam or streaming shower drops over the face, chest, shoulders. If you are enough courageous and adventurous — use a photoset in nature: in a haystack, on a flowering lawn or on the beach. Magic images are obtained in the dense dark thickets of centuries-old trees, shrouded in fog.

Come up with a plot and an image

Close your eyes for a minute and imagine what look is most harmoniously combined with your appearance and character. Maybe you are a fatal beauty or a pretty nanny, a glamorous doll or a mischievous hooligan? Among the men are popular images of a nurse, a maid, schoolgirl. There is another very interesting category: sadomasochistic (mistress, slave), bound, something foot-fetish, gothic motives, etc. Stylists and photographers creating fashionable erotic images in the first place pay attention to clothing and accessories. The minimum of clothes is always much sexier than full exposure. Things do not have to be new and fashionable — it’s much more important to dress them sexy , for example, your boyfriend’s shirt which is carelessly thrown over the shoulders, revealing shoulders and tummy with a miniature tattered shorts can look a hundred times more spectacular than an expensive dressing gown. But the beautiful linen has not been canceled: chic French lace, corsets, emphasizing the waist, gloves, stockings and suspenders — all this is the classic of the genre. Small white panties look very touchingly , in them the girl seems young and innocent. Black color makes you slim, and contrary to all sorts of jokes, men like blondes in pink. Luxurious furs and sparkling decorations are suitable for creating glamorous photos. Skin, latex, metal and rivets excite even impotent people. High boots, shoes on a hairpin — just a find, they visually extend the legs. Girls look amazingly, when they have only earrings, beads and bracelets, and loincloth is a terribly sexy thing. On a neutral background, clothes should be bright, on bright — neutral; Black on white (and vice versa) — it’s stylish, red on green — effectively, and yellow on green — safely.

Some time before the photo session

For some time before the photo session it is recommended to visit the solarium and make a wax epilation of intimate zones, but to calculate the time so that the skin has time to recover after the procedures. Tidy the face and decollete. Photogenicity largely depends on the slenderness of the figure (the features of the face and the bends of the body of slim girls are more clearly expressed), therefore it is possible to sit on a short-term diet. Experiment with make-up, brush hair and/or painting hair, moisten hair. The day before the photo session, make a manicure and pedicure (a universal option: short nails, covered with colorless varnish or a french). On the eve of the photo session it is important to have a good night’s sleep and have a good rest.

Immediately before the photo session

Immediately before the photo session, you must necessarily level the tone of the face with powder or foundation, make-up can be brighter than everyday. The body and hands are also should be powdered. Make the desired hair, wind curls or straighten with iron, using special tools, creating a brilliant flowing strands. Half an hour before the shooting, you should remove the clothes so that the skin is smooth and sleek, without any marks of dents from the laundry. To engage in short physical exercises — so the body will come to tone. Pencil for lips or lipstick can increase the halo of the nipples or make them more contrast. During the photography itself, you can pour cold water to stiffen your nipples and make your lips feel sexy. For a more seductive skin, you can put a little oil.

Poses and angles

In the process of photography, you need to relax as much as possible, easily improvising with poses and angles. The main secret of obtaining luxurious erotic photographs is more confidence and charm. Hold on naturally, play, bringing in each image a piece of personal charm. The mood of the image depends largely on the angle (bottom — more arrogant, above — cute, half a turn or from the back — mysteriously). You can look over the photographer or look away. Good photos are at the mirror or looking in the mirror. A nearby fan will create a wind blowing effect. Shortly before the erotic photo session, learn all sorts of poses, mark the most interesting and appropriate for your image and appearance, rehearse so that later the body will remember and took the necessary foreshortening. And if you forget, then include fantasy and improvisation, your goal is to seduce as many men as possible on the other side of the frame.

How to make an amazing erotic photo

Modern photo art allows processing in a photo editor. With its help you can hide the small flaws of the exterior and emphasize the dignity, add atmospheric and photo style. The main thing is that the heroine remains recognizable.

Examples of erotic photos can be seen here.