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How do I activate my Firstchoice Pay MasterCard®?

How do I activate my Firstchoice Pay MasterCard?You can get started immediately after your successful registration and application for the Firstchoice Pay card, and simply wait for the delivery of the card by mail. It is worth noting that delivery by international mail can take up to 10 days in major cities, while it may take several weeks to send the card to the upcountry.

So, a few weeks later, you will have already managed to get some payments from companies. Then, you find a letter with a new embossed Firstchoice Pay MasterCard® card in the mailbox.

Now you need to activate the Firstchoice Pay card. This can be done in two ways: by calling the phone number indicated in the letter or at the Firstchoice Pay website in your personal online account. To do this, you must log in to your account using the email and password specified upon registration. Click on the Activate button.

You must then enter the card number (16 digits on the front side of the card you received), to create a 4-digit PIN code (a secret code that is required for withdrawing cash from ATMs or purchasing through the terminal in stores). Put a tick in front of the option «I agree with …» and click on the Activate button.

After that, the message with your confirmation of a successful application will appear. A confirmation e-mail about your Firstchoice Pay card activation will also be sent to the e-mail you specified upon registration.

You can check the balance of the Firstchoice Pay card in your personal account. The balance appears at the top of the page under the menu bar. You can also see the transaction history and check your receipt of funds in the menu. Please note that the balance on the card is updated instantly after receiving money or making transactions (withdrawal, payment or transfer to another card), but the transaction history only updates every 6 hours. One of the main advantages of the Firstchoice Pay card is the ability to transfer funds to other cards. This function is available in the account menu: Pay >> Make a payment. You can change your PIN code, password, or profile data in the settings at any time.

Why do I need to activate my card? — It is necessary to exclude the possibility of access to the card by anyone other than the owner when it is received.

As you can see, the Firstchoice Pay card activation is very simple. At that point, you can actively manage your earnings and work more effectively towards your future.