Everything about the Webcam Business or How to make a lot of money quickly if you're a girl!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the webcam business?
Webcam modelling is one of the most profitable and promising business segments on the Internet. Using a webcam and a computer connected to the Internet, the model streams her video to users from other countries with the option to chat by typing text messages in the chat window or using a microphone.

What does a webcam model do?
A webcam model chats with clients. The goal of this chat is to keep the client in the paid chat room as long as possible. It can be a simple conversation on any topic, flirting or an erotic show. The model decides how far she wants to go with the client, but the more impressive your show, the more regulars you get, and the higher your income will be.

How much am I going to make?
This is one of the frequently asked questions. The sum of your earnings depends on the model: your appearance, artistic talent and the time you devote to the business. The minimal sum is around 100USD a day. There are no limits for your earning capacity in this business; the most successful models make as much as 50,000 USD a month using only one website.

What kind of documents do I need to start doing this work?
A government-issued id (it can be your National ID, Passport or Driver’s Licence).

I want to be a webcam model, but I am under 18. Can I start working now?
No. You can only start webcam modelling if you are over 18. Do not try to Photoshop your date of birth in your id — it’s really easy to find out using special scanning software, and the person who sent the fake id will be banned for life.

I am interested in this type of work, but I do not speak a foreign language.
Many successful webcam models started only knowing their native tongue. You can begin by using online translators. Some websites also have in-built software that automatically translates the messages in the chatroom into your language.

Is this a job for girls only, or a guy can try this too?
Of course, a guy can model in special categories and earn as much as the girls. Some websites also allow streaming as a couple (a guy and a girl, two girls or two guys).

Can I work on several websites at once?
Yes, as long as you are confident you can manage your time. It would be best if you pick 2 or 3 websites and work on getting to the top or getting a high rating. You can also join «offline» websites where video streaming is only available in prepaid sessions, so that you only get distracted by paying customers.

How am I going to get paid?
The most convenient, reliable and anonymous way of getting paid is by ordering a Firstchoice Pay card. Ordering and delivery are free. You can make withdrawals from this card in ATMs all over the world and pay for in-store and online purchases.

I am ready to become a webcam model, but I’m afraid someone I know might see me. Can I avoid that?
Yes. Most large webcam sites offer the option to block certain countries. You can block your own country and any other country you’d like. This makes seeing someone you know highly improbable.

Is there an upper age limit for being a webcam model?
Age doesn’t matter. What matters is: are you good at conversation? Can you think on the spot? Do you look good? Some models make a lot of money at the age of 40 and even 50.

How long does it take to sign up?
Signing up takes about 30 minutes. If the ID you provide does not raise any questions, you will get an email confirmation within the next 24 hours (usually it takes about 2 or 3).

Are you a studio? Do you take a percentage off the model’s income?
No. The project was created to provide information to any girl interested in learning about ways to make a lot of money without experience and specialized skill. By signing up on your own using the invitation links in the «Sign up» section, you will receive 100% of the money you earn.