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New Firstchoice Pay platform from Payoneer international online purchase system. Firstchoice Pay MasterCard® card

The Firstchoice Pay payment system. The Firstchoice Pay MasterCard® cardWe would like to bring your attention to a new brand of the well-known Payoneer Company, which has firmly established itself in the international financial market in the field of online payment services worldwide and has been in business for over 10 years.

The Firstchoice Pay dynamic platform is a reliable payment solution for complex business needs (e.g., large companies hiring employees around the world), as well as for independent freelancers, webmasters and webcam models. The Firstchoice Pay payment system provides fast, simple, and low-cost ways to pay and get paid internationally.

The appearance of this new brand sparked the interest of the Internet community and caused discussions in various forums. Payoneer’s representatives explained that a separate Firstchoice Pay service was created to support customers interested in receiving payments from certain companies, the list of which would not be disclosed. Users with a sense of humor caught on immediately: «Sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll». However, the more likely explanation is that this brand was created specifically for making payments to companies working in the adult industry.

Registration in the Firstchoice Pay payment system is very simple and takes no more than 5 minutes. After registration, you will be sent a free card in the mail. If necessary, it is possible to order a paid express card delivery. You can start working immediately, without waiting for the card to be delivered, since all the earned money will be put in a virtual account, the balance of which can be checked at any time. After delivery, the card must be activated. Then, you can use your personal embossed Firstchoice Pay MasterCard® card anytime you want.

Easy way to withdraw money from the Internet with a Firstchoice Pay MasterCard®

The main advantages of the Firstchoice Pay payment system and card are:

  • the use of the latest technology, which provides fast payment receipt, so that you can maximize revenue and minimize fees for commissions;
  • various easy and safe ways to withdraw money, such as cash withdrawals from ATMs around the world, card payments for purchases in stores or provided services, as well as purchases on the Internet;
  • 24-hour technical customer support for overcoming any problems and searching for the best solutions;
  • the ability to receive funds from a huge number of companies that work with the Firstchoice Pay system;
  • comfortable, fast and free payments between users of the Firstchoice Pay payment network, regardless of where they live in the world;
  • the daily use limit of the Firstchoice Pay card is $5,000 ($2,500 for withdrawals from ATMs or bank cash desks and $2,500 for online and offline payments at sales outlets).

One of the negatives of this brand is the lack of an affiliate program, which Payoneer has. This is definitely a mistake, because it’s so nice to get an initial invitation bonus and share the information with friends! Oh, creators of Firstchoice Pay, listen to what the working people want! )))

Tariffs and prices for the maintenance of the Firstchoice Pay card

Item PriceUnitDetails
Commission for annual maintenance of the account$29.95Per yearWith the available balance every year
Card Replacement$12.95Per cardOne Time - when issuing a replacement card
ATM Withdrawal or Cash Disbursements (via bank teller or in-store)$3.15Per transactionWhen withdrawal or disbursement is requested
ATM Decline Fee$1.00Per transactionWhen withdrawal request is declined
ATM Balance Inquiry Fee$1.00Per transactionWhen ATM balance inquiry is made

The headquarters of the Firstchoice Pay payment platform is in New York, USA (along with the Payoneer headquarters). The Firstchoice Pay payment network is served by the Choice Bank Limited in Belize. This bank is an international offshore bank that owns a Class A license and offers a full range of banking services and financial solutions for international companies and highly advantaged individuals.

It is worth noting that banking secrecy is observed in Belize, and Belizean authorities do not have direct access to banking information. Thus, by having an account in a Belizean bank, you receive an exclusive level of secrecy, which is based on the offshore legislation of Belize and the banking secrecy law.

Therefore, the Firstchoice Pay MasterCard® card is a convenient and reliable way to keep your earnings on the Internet private.

The Firstchoice Pay payment network is recognized and appreciated by regulators all over the world. To get started, create a free account by clicking on the registration button below!

Signing up for Firstchoice Pay