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Cameras with Zoom and Remote Control

Cameras with zoom and remote controlThe previous article provided a list of recommended webcams that allow you to transfer video in HD quality. But if you are a perfectionist by nature with a desire to stand out from the crowd and broadcast high quality widescreen video with zoom and remote control capability, we suggest familiarizing yourself with the recommended HD HandyCam and video conferencing cameras. Upgrading your work studio will cost a pretty penny, but it’s worth it, as doing so will increase the number of regular customers and ensure a consistently high income. The proposed cameras with zoom and remote control features are also suitable for equipping a webcam studio.

Portable HD HandyCam

Let’s start with the handheld HD HandyCam. As the name implies, this is a hand-held camera that allows you to shoot high quality video. A distinctive feature of this model is the convenience of shooting and ease of configuration.

Please note that this camera only works on a desktop computer—not on a laptop—and you will need to purchase a video capture card that acts as a link between the HD HandyCam and your computer.

Recommended video capture card: AVerMedia Live Gamer HD. With this card the additional load on the processor is completely eliminated. It allows you to conserve your system’s resources, as capacity is not reduced and video is transmitted with excellent quality and without missing shots. AVerMedia Live Gamer HD supports almost all common video resolutions and uses the HDMI/DVI interface. Prices on Amazon, AliExpress and eBay start at $160.

Recommended HD HandyCams:

  • Sony CX405 (about $280)
  • Panasonic HC-V770EE (about $450)
  • Canon LEGRIA HF M56 (about $600)
  • Panasonic HC-WX970EE (about $900)
  • Sony AX33 (about $1000)

As you can see, choosing a camera with a zoom and remote control panel is very simple if you can afford it and there are lots to choose from.

In today’s world, the rapid development of electronics and software means that technology quickly becomes obsolete. Older models of video cameras are replaced by new ones with greater technical capabilities and at a lower cost. But the basic selection criteria do not change, because the main thing to look for in a camera is HD-quality, and the presence of zoom and remote control features. You can easily pick up a good camera at an affordable price on popular manufacturers’ websites.

Cameras for video conferencing (VCS)

In addition to HD HandyCam, you can also use cameras for video conferencing (VCS). Companies with out-of-town and international branches place these cameras in their meeting rooms, saving time and money by eliminating the need for its employees to travel for meetings. VCS cameras are also used by marketing companies, by firms that deliver training courses, and for master classes for students from various parts of the world. CCTV cameras are also used for video surveillance and for video recording in night shooting conditions. The downside of these cameras is their cost (average $2000- $3000). The most popular range is Prestel USB: with high-quality and professional output at a relatively moderate price, the range is widely represented by cameras with zoom and control panel features.

Please note that the information given is for informational purposes, since not everyone can afford to spend large sums on equipment. Basically, this article will be useful to studio owners and models in high demand. And for women working at home, we recommend reading section «2. Webcam or video camera».