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How to become a webcam model — signing up explained in detail

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Sign up for webcam modelling – become a webcam model in just 30 minutesThe Internet is swarming with studios looking to hire girls as webcam models. Of course, there are benefits to working for a studio: a well set-up workplace with a beautiful interior, professional lighting and necessary equipment, help in creating your image and advice from experienced models. But there is one downside, and that is the percentage of your income you have to pay to the studio. Sometimes it is more than half of what you make. Many girls don’t know that they can easily start working as webcam models on their own and get to keep 100% of their earnings. To become a webcam model, you just need to sign up yourself, set up a webcam (or a camcorder connected to your computer) and install the necessary software. We provide all the information you need on our website for free. Any girl will learn every nuance of this job in a couple of months, eliminating the need for a studio. Why should you give away half of your money?

Make as much as you can without the middle man

On our website you will find a collection of links (a green button to sign up for Paxum and pink buttons inviting you to sign up for webcam modelling sites) so that you can become a webcam model by yourself without having to use a studio. Girl who sign up using our links can get a consultation from us for free.

Let’s get started:

Make sure your browser is in normal browsing mode and not in incognito/private mode.

1. Signing up for Paxum

 Order a Firstchoice Pay card

Screenshot of the Paxum website

Any web modelling site wants you to provide a payment method. Which means that the first thing you need to do is sign up for Paxum and order a Paxum MasterCard or Paxum UnionPay with free shipping to your address (depending on where you live, it takes from 1 to 4 weeks). The sooner you order your card, the faster it arrives and you can get to spending your money. You can use Paxum to receive payments from most webcam sites. Why Paxum? It is the most popular payment service provider on the Internet that allows you to transfer money all over the world, that is used by millions of people and tens of thousands of businesses. It is an ideal option for freelancers, IT workers, web developers, teleworkers, webcam models and others working online.

Advantages of having a Paxum card:

  • Anonymity. Full confidentiality and security.
  • No taxes. The tax services do not have a way of knowing about your income.
  • The account is in USD and EUR, which is very convenient.
  • Easy to withdraw your money. Paxum MasterCard or Paxum UnionPay is accepted by ATMs and banks all over the world, you can use it to pay for purchases in-store and online.
  • Quick access to your money. Funds can be disposed of instantly after crediting to the card account.
  • Low service fees.
  • Constant access via the Internet, you can check your balance and make transactions at any time of the day.
  • 24-hour tech support via phone, email and in the online chatroom.

Before signing up, open the step-by-step instructions for signing up for Paxum in another tab to be able to look up which data you should type in.


2. Signing up for LiveJasmin, the most popular video chat community LiveJasmin

Become a webcam model on LiveJasmin

Screenshot of the LiveJasmin website

LiveJasmin is hands down the most popular webcam streaming site. It’s number 1 in the world for the number of visitors and models as well as for the size of monthly payments. The website got started back when this business was still developing, and now has a substantial base of paying clients and a large team of administrators who continue to attract new well-to-do clients every day. The models receive a high percentage of the payments, there are always contests with high money prizes, you can make money off selling your photos and videos without joining a chat. That, combined with a well-thought out multilingual interface and a 24-hour tech support in the online chat makes working with LiveJasmin so attractive.

The time it takes to sign up
Signing up takes about 30 minutes. If your id raises no questions, you will get a confirmation email within the next 24 hours. Usually approving a model’s account takes 2 to 3 hours.

What you need to sign up
To start working as a webcam model in video chats at LiveJasmin, you will need a photo or scanned copy of your id and a picture of you holding it (can also be done with your webcam when you are signing up).

Girl (the most profitable category), Hot Flirt (a category with certain limits), Soul mate (a category with no nudity, but you need to be a bit of a therapist to earn enough money), Fetish (a very promising category for those who know how to transform).

How much you get paid, price per minute
The website pays up to 80% of the money you earn (the percentage depends of the size of your earnings, the higher the earnings, the higher your cut). A private chat costs between $2 and $5 per minute (you can set the price yourself). If you use a microphone, the price will be $2 higher. You can earn up to $3 a minute from spy mode during private shows. You can switch off the spy mode option if you like. When working in the Free chat your income is roughly 5% more than in the members only chat.

Payout frequency
The website makes a transfer to your Paxum card twice a month: you get money for the first period (1st to 15th of the month) before the 10th of the following month, and money for the second period (16th until the end of the month) before the 25th of the following month. The minimal payout limit is $100.

Special features
Signing up is fairly easy and accounts are usually approved quickly. Among other advantages are: an intuitive interface, a large number of visitors. The only complication are the high standards for video quality and the speed of your Internet connection. If your videos are blurry or lagging, your account might be frozen temporarily until the issues are resolved (after troubleshooting you need to contact tech support to confirm the quality of your video communication and restore your account). LiveJasmin staff recommend the Logitech® HD Pro Webcam C920 (it can be found online for about $100).
If the model is signing up for LiveJasmin for the first time, she can try the promotional period and start making a lot of money and meeting regulars right away (if the option wasn’t switched on automatically, you should contact tech support to switch it on).

Ways to supplement your income
By participating in various video contests that constantly happen at LiveJasmin, you can raise your rating (that affects how much you make) and winning prizes can make you extra thousands of dollars. You can get paid for photos and videos. Earnings from attracting new members are around 20% from what they spend on the site (for life). Imagine that in addition to your regular income you manage to attract 100 new members who will spend an average of $100 a month on talking to the girls. It’s basic arithmetics: (100 members * $100) *20% = $2,000 a month for the rest of your life, even if you quit modelling on the site. Of course, they won’t appear on their own in a week, but it’s worth it and it’s not even the limit! To increase your income you can pay for promotion and increase the number of visitors to your room. What comes next depends on the girl’s charm and how interesting she seems to the visitors. It is a good tactic for beginners who already know the details but don’t have regulars yet.

Signing up for livejasmin

3. Signing up for Xcams, one of Europe’s top camming networks

Become a webcam model on Xcams

Screenshot of the Xcams website

Xcams attracts the most visitors from the following countries: Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, France and Portugal. Since 2015 there has been an increase in members from the USA, Australia and the UK. The website is multilingual and currently supports 14 languages. Usually you can see between 300 and 500 girls, women, couples and transsexuals online at the same time. Many of them stand out with their unique appearance and their creative approach to work. This is what makes users migrate from the top webcam modeling sites to Xcams in search of new faces and excitement.

The time it takes to sign up
Signing up is easy and approving an account takes between 1 and 3 days.

What you need to sign up
A government-issued id confirming you are over 18 and profile pictures.

Categories, chat types
Categories: women, couples, men, trans. Xcams has three types of chat:

  • Free — a free chat where you can flirt with and tease the visitors, inspiring them to be generous;
  • Group chat — a paid group chat where an unlimited number of visitors can hang out;
  • Private chat — a paid private chat for 1 person only.

How much you get paid, price per minute
Models on Xcams earn from 25% to 60% of what the members spend. The increase of your cut depends on how much time the members spend in a model’s room per period. Each new period is independent from the next and starts off the base level. (25%) The more time a model spends online chatting with the visitors, the more she earns. The website is rather expensive, a minute in private chat is between 4 and 6 Euros, group chat is 1 Euro per minute from each visitor. When signing up, the model can pick a currency she prefers for her payments (EUR or USD).
*Since Paxum is the most convenient way to make withdrawals, we suggest you pick USD.

Payout frequency
The month is divided into 2 payment periods: 1st to the 15th of each month and 16th until the end of the month. Payouts are made twice a month: on the 20th (for your 1st period) and on the 5th (for the 2nd). The hold is only 5 days.

Ways to supplement your income
Attracting new members.

Signing up for Xcams


4. Signing up for Chaturbate

Become a webcam model on Chaturbate

Screenshot of the Chaturbate website

Chaturbate is a rather popular sex video chat. You can make money from different types of shows: free chat, private show with one visitor and private group show. Private shows aren’t very common, but in the models’ experience, the best way to make money is making hot free shows with a set price for reaching goals.

Tips for goal on Chaturbate. How does it work?
The system is fairly simple, the website uses a virtual currency called tokens ($1 = 20 tokens), and the girl might choose a price to bare her breasts, for example, 200 tokens, and the visitors of her chatroom chip in until that goal is reached. The hotter the action, the higher the price. Sometimes there can be an overwhelming number of people in one room — over 5,000 at once, and the model makes a couple hundred dollars in 20 minutes. It’s an unusual website where models without inhibitions make a lot of money. Because of the way the website operates it is best to work there after switching off other video chatrooms and making sure your show stands out. It is good as a supplementary website and for those who can’t spend a lot of time on webcam but want some quick money on the side.

The time it takes to sign up
After filling in the form and sending in the scans or photocopies of your documents the model’s is usually confirmed within a couple of hours. There are times when you have to wait for a couple of days.

What you need to sign up
Standard set of documents including a scan or photocopy of your id and a picture of you holding the document with your face visible.

How much you get paid, price per minute
The models make 50% of the money they earn. The price of the goals in Free chat can be set by the model. The price for a private chat is also set by the model.

Payout frequency
Payments are made to your Paxum card twice a month. The first period: from the 1st to the 15th. The second period: from the 16th until the end of the month. Money gets transferred to your card 10 days after the period ends. The payout limit is $50.

Ways to supplement your income
$10 and $5 prizes are awarded every hour to the most popular rooms. You can also sell your photo and video albums. And of course, you get benefits for attracting new members.

Signing up for Chaturbate


5. Signing up with MyDirtyHobby

Become a webcam model on MyDirtyHobby

Screenshot of the MyDirtyHobby website

MyDirtyHobby is a well thought-out website that allows you to make money from webcam modelling and selling your amateur videos and photos. You can also set up your profile in a way that will make chatting with you chargeable. The website interface is available in English, German and Dutch and is mostly geared towards Western Europe. MyDirtyHobby was launched in 2006 and has since won several awards and prizes in its segment. A powerful advertising network and about 10 clone websites that redirect to the homepage are an endless source of paying customers.

The time it takes to sign up
Verification takes about as long as on other websites (no longer than 1 or 2 days).

What you need to sign up
You need an id, a picture of you holding your id and a picture of you holding the name of the website written by hand.

Features of making money on MyDirtyHobby
A webcam model can make a lot of money on MyDirtyHobby (you set your own price per minute) if she can write her own blog. Some exceptionally interesting girls can earn money by chatting with members and setting a price of 1 euro per message. But what makes this website especially attractive is the opportunity to earn money by selling your own creations: amateur photos and videos of you. One of the best ways to make a video many people don’t know about is by using an extra camcorder or a good camera to film private shows from a different angle while you’re working on webcam modeling sites. It will save up time and you can easily touch up the video using video editing software. One of the most popular genres is amateur videos of married couples. The videos should not be longer than 60 minutes. (5 to 10 minutes are the best). MyDirtyHobby is very strict about copyright, so you can only use public domain music in your videos (as well as indie music). You can also make a video with live sound instead of music. When uploading a video you should come up with a title, brief summary and three categories the video fits (i.e. masturbation, sex toys, solo). You set the price for your videos and pictures.

Categories, chat types
Categories at MyDirtyHobby: women, men, couples, transsexuals.

Payout frequency
You get paid twice a month (1st and 15th of the month) via bank transfer or Paxum. They might add Paxum as an option soon.

Signing up for MyDirtyHobby


6. Signing up for BongaCams

Become a webcam model on BongaCams

Screenshot of the BongaCams website

BongaCams is one of the largest erotic video chat communities where the most depraved online shows are streamed from the model’s rooms to the entire world. It is very similar to Chaturbate. To notify the users about the price for a dance or show in the free chat models usually use their status. Top models make 80 to 90% of their earnings in the free chat. Anyone can make money here, but you need to be creative for higher earnings. It’s a good website for couples that can put on a hot show and gather a lot of spectators (just like Chaturbate). It has been translated into 35 languages, which makes it easy to use for the models and the members.

The time it takes to sign up
Signing up is quick and you can always contact tech support to speed up the process.

What you need to sign up
To sign up, send a picture or scan of your id, take a large webcam snapshot of your face and a snapshot of your face with the id visible in the frame. The picture should be of high quality, otherwise your registration will be put on hold until you can provide an image that fits the requirements. Prepare impressive pictures to be displayed in your profile for the users in advance.

Categories, chat types
BongaCams has a FREE and a VIP zone. The VIP zone is for individual models only (in the following categories: private/full private chat and spy mode), couples can only work in the free zone. In the FREE zone all types of chat are allowed, including free, group and tip. Main categories: females, couples, males, transsexuals, spy mode (the same peeking at a private show set aside a separate category for the members’ convenience).

How much you get paid, price per minute
The site pays 50% of what the users pay for the model’s show. The site uses its own currency — tokens (10 tokens = 1 Euro). The cost of group chat for members is: 15 tokens a minute, private chat (with spy mode): 30 tokens a minute, full private chat (without spy mode and only one member): 45 tokens a minute, spy mode: 7 tokens a minute.

Payout frequency
Payments are made in USD ($) once a week to your Paxum Card, WebMoney or through bank transfer with a minimal hold. The Paxum Card is the safest and most convenient.

Ways to supplement your income
Like most video chats of this kind, the models can increase their profits by attracting new members and make 25% of what they spend. You can also attract new models and studios and make 5% of their income.

Signing up for BongaCams


7. Signing up for Runetki

Become a webcam model on Runetki

Screenshot of the Runetki website

Runetki online video chat is the most popular webcam service in Russia that attracts more and more well-to-do guests from other countries. A properly built marketing strategy, easy to use interface and affordable prices brought this website to the top and allowed hundreds of pretty girls to make a good buck. The website has an English version in addition to the Russian one and is actively promoted all over the world.

The time it takes to sign up
Signing up takes up to 12 hours. If you want to start working sooner, you should contact the 24-hour support chat.

What you need to sign up
Your id and profile picture.

Categories, chat types
This website only accepts girls (no guys and couples allowed). Girls can pick a category for any taste, including the no nudity «Flirt only» category. There are these types of chat: free, paid, private, discount and spy mode.

How much you get paid, price per minute
The website pays the models 50% of the money members spend on them. Prices on the website are fixed for everyone. A minute of private chat costs $2 or $1, paid chat — $1, spy mode —$0.5, discount chat — $0.5 and prerecorded shows — $0.25

Payout frequency
Once a week with a payout limit of $50 or on demand (every day if you want to). Payments are made through Paxum or WebMoney.

Ways to supplement your income
Making money off streaming prerecorded shows (you can switch off this option if you like). At the moment, there are 2 promotions: TOP-Runetki and 0,5$ for every hour you spend in the free chat (the latter is a good deal: even if you don’t get private chats you can make money).

Signing up for Runetki


We recommend you to sign up for all of the above. To start working as soon as possible, you should sign up for all websites on the same day, as some of them might take longer processing your data. As soon as you get your first confirmation email, you can get to work to learn all the ins and outs sooner. All webcam modelling sites work using the same principles, so after trying out one it will be easier to use others.

To see which website will make you the most money, make a schedule for the next couple of months. Do it by splitting your day (or night) in half and working on 2 or 3 websites at once. Then you can start using other websites. After a couple of months, you can use statistics to see which websites generate the most income.

As you can see, becoming a webcam model is very easy. To become a successful webcam model, pick websites that you like the most, promote your profile, get regulars and read advice on our website!