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Affiliate Programs — List of the Best. Earnings on affiliate programs. Verified adult affiliate programs

According to numerous studies, the annual turnover of the adult entertainment industry is tens of billions of dollars. There is money on the Internet, but a lot of money is spinning in this particular segment. The adult direction was one of the first to develop on the Internet, and today this business belongs to the most profitable niches. All this time, he has been consistently occupying a leading position — rest assured, this will continue.

The easiest way to make money in this area is to make money on affiliate programs. This is a proven business that, with a competent approach and patience, consistently brings good profits. Earning money on affiliate programs is suitable for both experienced and novice webmasters.

Offer for webmasters

Proven affiliate programs of adult directions that pay regularly and with which it is profitable to work, are structured in the list below.


1. Paxum online payment system

First, you need to register with the Paxum system (a money transfer platform from a reliable and proven Canadian company) and order a Paxum MasterCard or Paxum UnionPay (depending on the region of residence). Almost all partner sites make payments to the Paxum card, when registering in partner programs, you will need to specify the details to receive rewards — from which it follows that first of all you need to register with Paxum. The main advantages of the Paxum card include anonymity, security, the ability to withdraw money from ATMs around the world, as well as pay for purchases in stores and on the Internet. More information about Paxum here. Step-by-step instructions for registering here. To order, click on the registration button below.

Registration in Paxum


2. AWE affiliate program

If you are looking for a reliable, time-tested affiliate program that was one of the first to start its business, then AWE is just that. For over a decade, AWE has been the leader in terms of commission payments to several generations of webmasters. The AWE Affiliate Program has won numerous awards at prestigious competitions and adult industry summits. The very name AWE (Adult Webmaster Empire), which in translation means «Empire of Adult Webmasters» says a lot.

AWE offers several programs for making money, you just have to choose the most suitable for your traffic.

  • PAY PER SIGNUP (PPS) program — payment for the registration of a new user (up to $ 300 for each registered user).
  • REVENUE SHARE (REVS) program — get up to 45% of all funds spent by the user for life. The more the user spends for the period, the higher the percentage.
  • VIDEO PROMOTION API Program — Promote videos and earn up to 35% commission.
  • WHITELABEL Program — Create a mirror of an affiliate site on your domain and with your logo using the tools provided by the affiliate. Promote it as your brand and earn 35% to 45% of all users’ spend.
  • Webmaster Referral program — invite referrals and get up to 50% of their income during the first year.

In addition, AWE is constantly running various promotions with pleasant bonuses in cash. Good news: if you register using our invitation links — the registration bonus is $ 150!

Affiliate Programs: Registration with AWE

3. BongaCash affiliate program

BongaCash is a leader in recent years, a winner in various nominations in international competitions, and occupies top positions in the ratings of the most visited sites in the world. BongaCash is an affiliate program of the popular BongaCams webcam chat with the most beautiful girls from all over the world. Once signed up for an affiliate account, a wide variety of marketing tools are available, previously tested for the best results. Highly converting website content is a guarantee of good income.

BongaCash offers several options for cooperation:

  • Pay per Email program allows you to earn up to $ 4.5 (depending on the country) for each confirmed free registration.
  • The Revshare program provides up to 25% of the money spent by referred users for life.
  • The referral program allows you to receive 5% of the earnings of the listed webmasters and models.

In addition to the above, various contests with pleasant bonuses are constantly held on BongaCash.

Payments are made to various payment systems (Paxum, Webmoney, ePayService) in USD, as well as in cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple) to cryptocurrency wallets.

Affiliate programs: registration in BongaCash

4. Chaturbate affiliate program

The sex video chat Chaturbate is gaining more and more popularity among users, models and webmasters, on which, even in free mode, you can see a lot of explicit scenes. Therefore, a natural question often arises, is it possible to earn at least something on this site? However, the answer may surprise you: yes, and sometimes, even more than on classic webcam projects. Apparently, users are attracted by the free format of the site and the absence of the need to pay for the show, the visitor unnoticed for himself «is drawn» and already over time begins to spend money, thus increasing your income.

There are several programs for webmasters, a notable feature of which is the fact that no matter what link your referral comes from, regardless of his choice to act as a user, broadcaster or webmaster, you will receive a corresponding reward in any case.

So the programs:

  • 20% rev-share — earnings will be 20% of the spending of the user you referred.
  • $ 1.00 pay per free — this amount will be paid for each free registration.
  • $ 50.00 — Payment for each new user who earned the first $ 20 as a broadcaster.
  • 5% rev-share — earnings will be 5% of the income of your invited webmasters.

Affiliate programs: registration in Chaturbate

5. CAMSPOWER affiliate program

CAMSPOWER is another reliable program from a partner with over 10 years of experience in the webcam business, working in the following areas: European webcam chat (aimed at European models and users), international webcam chat and gay chat. The program provides various ways to generate income, a welcome bonus for new webmasters (up to $ 250), an incentive program for successful partners. Referring partners to CamsPower is a good way to increase your earnings.

Below we will consider options for cooperation:

  • Revshare — the standard rate is 35%, but in case of a large number of successful sales, the amount of payments can increase up to 60%.
  • White Label — create a site mirror and earn at least 27% of the spend of referred users. Based on the results of successful work, the commission can be increased up to 35%.
  • Fixed PPS (based on GEO) for every new customer who generates their first transaction worth more than $ 1. Payouts vary based on 3 geographic areas. The first zone includes the following countries: France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and payments for them are $ 150 per user. Other countries of the European Union, as well as Great Britain, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand — $ 100. Other countries outside the European Union — $ 33.
  • Variable PPS: earn consistently 80% of the amount of the first purchased package from each new client (France, Netherlands, Belgium) and 50% for all other countries.
  • CPS — up to $ 5 (depending on the region).
  • Referrals — up to 10%. There are 2 models of referral programs: 10% referral commissions for 12 months (beneficial for those who urgently need to earn a lot) and 5% for life for attracted models and 3% for life for invited webmasters.

Payments are made 2 times a month, upon reaching the minimum $ 100 Wire transfer threshold (available in the Paxum system).

Affiliate programs: registration in CamsPower


Adult affiliate programs: recommendations for work

Affiliate programs are perhaps the easiest and most affordable way to make money online. The most effective source of high-quality traffic is your own website of a relevant or similar topic; good conversion is also observed from entertainment portals. If you don’t have your own website yet, but the idea of ​​creating one has already firmly stuck in your head, then we recommend using bulletproof hosting, where it is allowed to host sites of erotic content and legal adult content. When purchasing a domain, use the domain privacy service, which allows you to hide information about the domain owner and other private information.

Other traffic sources include thematic forums, social networks, purchasing banners on thematic sites with high traffic, buying traffic on exchanges. You can also drive traffic from doorways, post galleries, create cjs. But in no case should you use spam.

On a serious scale, it is also advisable to use a VPN or proxy server.

P.S. The affiliate programs featured in this review are a great way to start making big money online by attracting subscribers as well as other webmasters. All links and banners are invitational, by registering with which you can count on our support in the form of advice and advice.